Everything You Needed To Know About Arboricultural Report

January 8, 2019 0 By Planeta 13

Are you looking for reliable information on Arboricultural report? Well, then you have come to the right place. We ourselves did little bit research on the internet regarding arboricultural result but couldn’t find much information. That’s when we decided that we must talk about it. When you search for arboricultural account on the internet, you will come across advertisements posted by environmental organizations about their ability to perform arboricultural outline without any difficulty.  

But none of these organizations have elaborated what they mean by arboricultural analysis report. That is really disappointing. And that prompted us to talk about arboricultural review here in this article. When you visit one of these websites, they usually redirect you into other surveys. Well, people working on arboricultural statement know what they are doing. But they are unaware of the fact that internet has very useful information on the same. Well, we are hoping answer some of the questions public has on the same topic below. Read on to find out more! 


Defining Arboriculture 

Well, let’s try to define arboriculture before we get into other details. If you are looking for a simple definition of arboriculture, then it simply means the cultivation of shrubs and trees. We all know the meaning of cultivation – it is the act of nurturing, tending or growing. It also stands for preparing land. So arboricultural survey is a survey which will help grow trees or shrubs! So there you have it! It simply stands for the effort you put into cultivating shrubs and trees. 

More about arboricultural surveys 

Let’s learn more about the arboricultural report below. 

  • Let’s first consider the BS5837 tree survey. It will give you clear picture about the trees in a certain area where it will look into details like potential growth, health and age of the trees. 
  • This survey is conducted when a local council makes a request. Here they want to see how trees might interfere with the development or how development affects the trees in an area. 
  • Woodland inspections are part of the survey. 
  • It also constitute of bat surveys and other relevant tree surveys. 
  • It also involves advisory services and reports on arboriculture. 

Significance of arboricultural surveys 

Let’s find out the significance of arboricultural surveys here in this article. You can see that there are number of reasons that warrant an arboricultural survey. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons below: 

Mortgage purposes 

When you approach a mortgage lender, he might ask you to perform an arboricultural survey. They will compare it against the bank valuation survey. The purpose of this survey is to know that there is nothing threatening from the trees surrounding your house. They want to make sure that trees around the property don’t affect the value of your home. 

Personal safety 

Another purpose of this survey is to make sure that the trees pose no safety risk to the public, the property or yourself. This holds real value especially in the case of old trees. Old or damaged trees can be a risk factor.  

So we hope that we have provided ample information on arboricultural report in this article for your consideration.