The Role of Technology in Improving shopping Experience

The Role of Technology in Improving shopping Experience

March 8, 2018 0 By Trish

Technology is playing an increased role in different areas of everyday life. Shopping is one such area and the internet is already redefining the way people purchase things. It is not just online shopping where new innovations and improvements are taking place. Technological advances are taking place even in offline shopping.

Here are 4 new arenas where technology is playing an increasingly important role to improve shopping experience.

1. Mobile Shopping Apps

As if online shopping on a desktop wasn’t just convenient, retailers now offer dedicated mobile apps for their shoppers. And retailers offer special perks when you use these apps. The additional benefits in the form of features include:

  • Get weekly deals from within the apps
  • Keep track of store inventory
  • Search for products in nearby locations based on inventory

2. Shorter Waiting Periods

More and more retailers realize the need for reducing checkout waiting periods for their customers. There is increased use of technologies to speed up checkouts and improve the customer experience. For example, some stores are using cameras to measure the time it takes for their customers to wait in line. Opening multiple lines has helped in shortening their wait times. Then, some retailers have invested in faster network connections to speed up payment processing.

3. Price Auditing

Price auditing is an important step to ensure that you are not charging your customers inappropriately. Retailers are using technologies to automate price checks whenever their products get scanned. The results include:

  • Accurate pricing
  • Time-saving
  • Improved customer trust

4. Monitoring Customer Mood

Impulse buying is an important element for retailers. Mood plays an important role in how consumers shop. Companies are working on tracking smart watches and Smartphone’s to determine consumer moods. For example, systems are being developed to read the pulse rates on consumer smart watches or the music played on their Smartphone’s. The findings can then be used to connect better with the consumers’ feelings.

There are many new technology advances that can help improve shopping experience.