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Guitar Picks
Price: $ 2.50
Out of stock


Slash Guitar Picks
This Slash guitar pick is black and features the white Slash logo! 100% licensed and perfect for any true fan! Guns N Roses + Velvet Revolver GNR Glam
Price: $ 2.50
Out of stock

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Other Slash Merch

Slash Badges
This 1-inch Slash badge features the Slash "B&W Photo" logo! Perfect for your jacket, hat or bag! Guns N Roses + Velvet Revolver.
Price: $ 2.95
Slash Stickers
This awesome Slash vinyl sticker features Slash, formerly of Guns 'n' Roses photo and logo. Ideal for your Skateboard, car or locker. Dimensions are 10.5cm x 10.5cm. Guns N Roses + Velvet Revolver GNR Glam
Price: $ 4.50
Slash Magnets
This Slash magnet features the "Live Photo" design! Use it to stick notes on your fridge! Dimensions are 8cm x 5cm. 100% Official Slash Merchandise.
Price: $ 7.95

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