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Band Tees
Price: $ 23.95
Out of stock


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Megadeth Band Tees
This black Megadeth tee features the "Endgame" design! 100% Licensed and perfect for any true fan! At a rockin' great price, click "Buy It Now" to select your size! If you want to see the sizes available in this design, click the “buy it now” button and scroll through the drop-down menu. To view our sizing chart, click on the expandable “Sizing Chart” link above the image, or by clicking the “Size Chart” link on the left navigation bar. Oh, while we have your attention, we wanted to let you know that by purchasing your merchandise at Planet 13, you’re actually supporting your favourite bands...because we only sell fully official merchandise and that ensures the bands & artists get the credit they deserve for the sale. If you need any assistance placing your order, have questions about the product, or would like further information about Planet 13, you can get in touch a variety of ways through our contact page.
Price: $ 23.95
Out of stock

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Megadeth Stickers
This Megadeth vinyl sticker features the Megadeth So What - Soldier logo. Dimensions are 10cm x 10cm. 100% Official Megadeth Merchandise.
Price: $ 4.50
Megadeth Stickers
This vinyl Megadeth sticker features the "Silver w/Red Outline Logo Oval" design! 100% Licensed and perfect for any true fan! Dimensions are 15cm x 5cm.
Price: $ 4.50
Megadeth Badges
This Megadeth square badge features the -Peace Sells But Whos Buying- Logo. 100% Official Megadeth Merchandise.
Price: $ 2.95

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