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Junior Varsity

CDs + Accessories
Price: $ 14.95


Junior Varsity CDs + Accessories
This rad The Junior Varsity is the "Cinematographic" release! 100% Official Junior Varsity merchandise and features 12 Tracks: Went Blind, The Sky!, Wunderdrug, St.Louis, The Greatest, The Importance of Being Important, Memory Made Easy Try to Defire, Cinematographic, Lungs, Lifted, Under the Radar. 2007.
Price: $ 14.95

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Other Junior Varsity Merch

Junior Varsity CDs + Accessories
(CDs + Accessories)
This rad The Junior Varsity is the "The Great Compromise w/DVD" release! 100% Official Junior Varsity merchandise and features 20 Tracks: Introduction to the Faint Remembrance of a Dead and Dying Dream, Park Your Car, Left Foot Right Foot, Demo Car City, Don't Forget to Set Your House on Fire Before You Crawl into Bed (House Fire), Ohio (& The 178 Meter Dash to Indiana), The Big LIttle City Killing Cycle, I Sang a Song to be Sung, Falling Far Behind, Anti-Climactic, Peter Cottontail and the Demise of the Carrot Tree, Don't Forget To Set the House on Fire Before you Crawl into Bed (House Fire) RE-RECORDING, Everyone's Got Something THey'r Running Out Of (Acoustic Version), Mad for Medusa (Acoustic Version), Peter Cottontail (Digital Demo Version), Everyone's Got Something They're Running Out of (Demo Version), If You Could Paint Your Own Vacation Where Would You Go? (Demo Version), Park Your Car (Original Concept Recording), Anti-Climactic (Digital Demo Version), Say Goodnight (From 2002 Self-Titled EP). 2006.
Price: $ 14.95
Dog Of Glee Stickers
This vinyl Dog of Glee sticker features the "Let's Hump Legs" design! Perfect for your car, skateboard, or folder! Dimensions are 18cm x 6cm. 100% Dog Of Glee Merchandise.
Price: $ 4.50
Offspring Stickers
This cool the Offspring vinyl full colour sticker features The Offspring "Conspiracy of One" fire skull logo. Dimensions are 10.5cm x 10.5cm. 100% Official The Offspring Merchandise.
Price: $ 4.50

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