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Henry Fiat's Open Sore Merch

Henry Fiat's Open Sore CDs + Accessories
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This rad Henry Fiat's Open Sore is the "The Parallel Universe Of" release! 100% Official Henry Fiat's Open Sore merchandise and features 25 Tracks: Midlife Riot, Move and Walk, Proto-Geek, I Never Touched Her, Do Not Try This at Home, Don't Try This at Home, One Dog Terrorist-Organization, Dick of the Week, I Was a Teenage Prettyboy, Chicken McIdiot, Call Me a Bastard, 30 Inches, Problem Child, Do the Jimmy, I Dunno, Yes Sir, I'm the Best, Say No to Women, Proud to be the Black Sheep, Born in the USA Pt 2, Top of the Class, Pork Chops, Citizens Arrest, Wrong Direction, Heil Hippie. 2004.
Price: $ 5.95
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